Top 3 Simple Ways To Download Instagram Videos [2023]

Top 3 Simple Ways To Download Instagram Videos [2023]

A number of Instagram videos are simply too entertaining to watch just once. However, if you want to save an Instagram video to watch it later, you may face some difficulties.

You can, indeed, try saving videos inside the platform. However, you won’t be able to use them outside the app, edit them, or enjoy them without internet access. Accessing, saving, and posting videos is a common practice as long as you appreciate the real owners and do not claim their content as your own. However, it is also extremely challenging to complete.

We’ve executed the due diligence,  and handled the pop-up advertisements, so you don’t need to. Continue reading for our blog post on the 3 best ways to save Instagram videos to your laptop or smartphone.

3 Simple Ways To Download Instagram Videos

Let’s begin by saving an Instagram video to your smartphone’s gallery.  There are numerous ways to download Instagram videos, no matter if you use an apple device, an Android phone, or any other smart-connected device. You will be able to send or mail them to a desktop once they’re on there.

3 Simple ways to Download Instagram Videos on Your Phone in Seconds

1 . Download Your Instagram Video Manually

You can’t capture a clip, but your mobile device assuredly can ensure screen recording. Across both android and Ios mobile phones, you must manually affix screen recording to your phone settings. That’s already there, you can simply drag it to your brief menu, press record, and watch the video play.

2. Keep An Archive Of Your Own Instagram Videos Or Simply Save Them In Your Gallery

3 Simple ways to Download Instagram Videos on Your Phone in Seconds

If you’ve made a video for your Instagram account or story, you can conveniently download it when you finalised it. Start recording your video and then tap the download icon in the upper corner prior to actually sharing it on your feed or Instagram story.

This applies to both videos created for your feed and those created for your Instagram story. Fortunately, if you’ve just shared the video on Instagram, you will still be able to download it. Begin by watching the video in your Story. For further choices, press the 3 points in the bottom right-hand corner.

You will then be directed to a tab that allows you to select Save Video. Your video will then be downloaded to your mobile gallery. To download all of your Instagram Stories to your mobile, go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Story Controls and then quickly switch on Save to Photo Gallery.

3. Add Videos To Collections

This process allows you to save videos to your personal Instagram account. “Collections” allows you to completely organize the posts you’ve saved. Collections organize all of the videos and photos that people save.

And it’s easy, whenever you wanted to save a video, just click the save button to the right of it. When you click the button, it will appear in your profile’s Saved Collections section. You can get there by visiting your personal account, simply clicking the 3 line horizontal icon in the upper left corner, and then choosing Saved.

To save the video to a particular Collection, press and toggle the save button, then select the Collection to which you need to save the video. This process enables you to come back to a video and watch it all again whenever you want. However, you cannot republish data from Collections to your own feed.


What Kinds Of Instagram videos Are Possible To Save?

You can save any type of video content from Instagram, based on the method you use. This comprises;

  • Instagram Reels
  • Instagram Video
  • Instagram Stories.

If you select the screen capture choice, you will be able to download even Instagram Live videos.

3 Simple ways to Download Instagram Videos on Your Phone in Seconds

Is It Against The Law To Save Instagram Videos To A Phone Gallery?

It is not improper to save Instagram videos for subjective usage, but it becomes a bit ambiguous when the content is repurposed. Crossing off another person’s content as your own, as well as formatting or changing the content in any manner, is strictly prohibited.

3 Simple ways to Download Instagram Videos on Your Phone in Seconds

Every time you use someone’s content, credit the Owner’s profile from which you downloaded the video and expressly state that it is not your own work.


Instagram is becoming increasingly popular, so many newly introduced functionalities, such as Instagram filters, add to its allure. Do you also want to learn how to save Instagram videos? Problem solved! You’ve successfully learned it! I hope t his blog has served as your one-stop resource for downloading Instagram videos.

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