Download Instander 16.0 - Official APK for Android (2023)

Download Instander 16.0 – Official APK for Android (2023)


Instander APK

Instander is an InstaMod that Allows Users to Download Photos, Videos, IGTV, and Reels in High Quality. Also, help you try exclusive features including No Ads, Copy Bio, Copy Comments, Copy Description, and More.

100% Safe & Secure (Official Website)

Version 17.2 (New Update)

Instander Apk is an Insta Mod that enables people to access high-quality pictures, clips, IGTV, and reels. Additionally, assist you in trying out more and more functions such as No Ads, Copy Bio, Copy Comments, Copy Description, and much more.

instander apk

Instander apk is an Instagram mod for mobile devices that allows you to acquire special functions such as no adverts, the ability to save photographs and videos, as well as numerous other features. Instagram, as most of us understand, is a captivating social networking tool that has reduced the globe to the size of a small community. This network links people, organizations, and enterprises from all around the world. The majority of programs are not trustworthy or reliable to use.

Instander APK does not just give you many extra features, but, it also gives you a reliable and trustworthy framework. Instander was created by the dive team krogon500, who also collaborated on the installed program. This program delivers great Instagram captions as well as other functionalities not seen in the actual app.

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About Instander

Instagram is among the world’s most popular social platforms, as well as one of my favorite online media providers. In this, you will receive amazing posts and updates from your beloved celebs, bloggers, and influencers, who will offer you engaging content that you so well deserve. You’ll also get to share your thoughts and emotions with your friends and followers while also experiencing theirs via their stories.

instander apk

Although, as with numerous other social sites, it misses a few small user-experience aspects, which is why programmers tend to create their own adequate variants of these programs, with the Instander APK appearing to be the greatest Instagram app replacement.

What is Instander Mod APK?

Do you notice that you can’t save any picture or video from Instagram unless you have downloading software? As well as how you can’t remain anonymous on other people’s stories and posts by not showing your visibility. Or how you can’t earn a confirmation badge without undergoing a long and boring procedure together with a voyage across your Network life? These are just a handful of the difficulties that have been reported by consumers of the actual Instagram app.

instander apk

Instander APK is an Instamod for Android smartphones that allows Instagram users to have access to additional useful functions that can actually fix the concerns listed earlier. As a substitute for the standard Instagram app, this app lets you gain access to your Instagram account via its platform. In exchange, you will have the greatest social experience thanks to the unique features activated by the official app.

The creator thedise (Dmitry Gavrilov) intended this to be as secure as possible and software that promises users an outstanding user experience without the chance of being suspended for using mods since it comes pre-installed with powerful and reliable anti-ban capabilities.

Features of Instander APK

Instander is an Instamod that can execute all Instagram activities as well as offer comparable characteristics. It was primarily created to provide a slew of other added features that customers had been demanding but couldn’t get from the original app, including the following:

instander apk

Images and videos can be saved easily

I’m a huge fan of funny vines, and Instagram has become one of my favorite social media places to find them online. All of my demands for memes and vines are generally fulfilled now due to Instagram, but the pleasure has always been temporary when I attempt to save these amusing photos and videos onto my phone. Third-party apps have their benefits, but they can be frustrating when they start flashing up adverts each minute and become increasingly large on your smartphone.

instander apk

Utilizing the Instander APK offline not only permits you to save photos and videos onto your smartphone, in addition but also enables you to eliminate the existing application and conserve phone storage by employing it as your primary platform for browsing your Instagram account. Explore the system, and if you find something you like, you can always save it to your device by hitting the download symbol on the specific content.

List of Close Buddies

Usually, I choose not to share my posts or stories with everybody but selected limited people, possibly because the content contains an inside comedy that only these individuals can understand and find humorous. That is indeed my motive, and I’m sure plenty of you have many more. With the Instander APK, you may establish your personal list of close friends and buddies from your follower list and upload your story exclusively for them.

instander apk

Anyone can make changes to their friend list at any time by deleting or adding persons, and they will not be informed in either case. Videos and pictures sent to your buddies in this list usually have a specific description that separates them from other types of shared items. Eventually, anyone you share with will be able to see that you are sharing with close friends, but they will not have the list available to them since only you may view it at any time.

Easily Remove Stories from the List 

I sometimes remove my stories from individuals I don’t think can take my uploaded content responsibly for safety and avoid unnecessary spammers. The Instander software permits you to conceal all photographs and videos that you want to share on your stories from particular users, including live videos. You can now publish whatever content you like, as long as it complies with the app’s rules and restrictions. You can now enjoy generating your postings and letting the selected few enjoy watching them.

instander apk

Accept Message Responses

We’ve all met those people who are continuously ‘hating’ and can’t wait to respond to every single post only to offer you a bit of their unpleasant thinking and perspective in their responses. At the very least, I’m aware that I have this problem, as well as possibly a few others. The usual Instagram platform makes it impossible to ignore such a person’s negative emotions because they always appear at the top of the screen. If you use the Instander app instead, you may choose whether to allow message replies to everyone, persons you know, or disable replies entirely.

instander apk

Preserve the Story in Archives 

If you don’t have sufficient space on your smartphone to save and preserve a few more images and clips, you can enable this function, which will store photos and videos in your archive so you aren’t required to view them on your mobile device. You have the opportunity to maintain some security because attackers won’t be able to view these pictures on your phone as only you can open your account with a passcode. Add live to archive – Your broadcast videos can be stored in your archives for 30 days, after which they will be visible only to you.

instander apk

Turning off the Sharing option 

I do not however mind if my followers include my IGTV videos and feed posts in their stories. Although, this does not apply to all of my postings, which is why I appreciate Instander APK’s wonderful function. When you disable this, others will be unable to add your feed posts to their stories. This also applies to sending photographs and videos from your story as messages, because you can turn this feature on and off whenever you choose. Finally, you can select to directly share videos and images from your story to your Fb story, where they will be shared with your Facebook friends.

instander apk

 Advertisements-Free Software

When you scroll across your Instagram feed, you may notice certain sponsored advertising that you’re unable to remove from the stream. These could be either video or picture advertisements that, when played and watched, use data just like regular videos. Once you install the Instander app on your mobile phone, you’ll receive an ad-free platform that lets you focus just on the information in your feed. Advertisements can be turned off in the security settings.

instander apk

Broad Content Searching

The fun does not really stop somewhere because IGTV allows you to find famous and rising videos on the platform. Track your favorite celebrity and enjoy their fascinating videos on the app. Aside from IGTV videos, the search feature provides access to a wide range of information, including DIY videos, Travel content, Food photos, and videos, Art, Styles, TV & Movies, and more. Everyone can find something new and learn a few things they never thought possible.

Crash Records and Insights

Underneath the privacy controls option, users can deactivate analytics, which prevents records obtained from in-app actions from being processed and evaluated. You can also enable this if you want to provide a more personalized user experience by letting the app evaluate your activities. Furthermore, you can choose to submit crash reports whenever the software collapses so that the programmers can work on enhancing the features or eliminating a particular bug that may be causing the high number of crash reports.

The Mysterious Ghost Mode

If you want to appear secretive to your fans or the persons you follow, you can adjust a few settings in the “Ghost Mode” option. You can deactivate your typing status here to avoid individuals you’re messaging using the app from recognizing you’re typing something. This is definitely useful for sending dangerous text messages if you understand what I’m talking about. Moreover, if you enjoy being a bit twisted by people’s stories by masking your existence as a user, the Instander app is just for you. You can choose to conceal your viewing activity from other people’s stories, and they will have no idea that you watched it, even if it was particularly intended for you. Finally, you may be the sort who does not respond immediately to messages and does not want to appear disrespectful by people being left on reading. Through the ‘Don’t mark directly as read’ function, anyone can check someone’s message in their DM and then leave the application without them noticing.

Advanced Actions

They may not appear to be as significant as they appear, but gestures are a key compound that can distinguish one platform from another. You can use the Instander app to browse between pages by swiping left or right, zoom in on a photo by long-tapping it, as well as like a photo by double-tapping it. If desired, these can even be turned off.


There are numerous additional tiny features that are significant since it is the subtle things that count. Many users value features such as full-screen stories, which allow you to watch Instagram stories in full-screen mode. Other features include an in-app browser that allows you to directly follow links, auto-playing videos that can be turned off to save data, suggesting friends, concealing liked posts, and trimming stories. All of the above parameters can be activated and removed based on the needs of the user.

Contribute to becoming recognized

I’m not referring to the genuine Instagram verification mark. If you download and love the app, you may choose to make a donation to the developer to show your thanks and support for the cause, and you will be verified as an Instander supporter. Only other Instander users would see your badge. It’s extremely simple; just donate to the creator in whatever way that works for you, comment with your username, and send a transaction screenshot as well as your username to the provided email address. Then you’d have to wait for the title and award.

Find more People

Your love could be ready for you to DM them in your contact list. You can meet new individuals by following contacts who have active Instagram accounts and learning so much about their lifestyles and activities via their stories.

What is the distinction between Clone and UnClone?

These two programs were created by the exact same creator and have the same functionality. The only distinction between them is their package names, which allow us to install two Instagram apps on a single Mobile device.

  • The clone has the package name and can be deployed as a legitimate program.
  • Unclone comes with the com.insta package name, and it requires the original Instagram to be removed first in order to create a good result.

How to Run Instander Apk?

It is a really simple and easy-to-use instander apk. You can use the instander apk brand-new features for free. First and foremost, you must sign in to your account. When you click on the top three parallel bars on the profile page, you can view the instander setting. You will be able to customize the settings to your liking. This app now includes new features such as ad blocking and the ability to share photos and videos.

Is this secure or risky?

Instander apk is a risk-free application. This apk mod is linked with the original Instagram app. We make certain that you do not hear any rumors regarding this program. You may effortlessly enjoy the software and its current edition’s functionalities.

Some essential information

Instander is usually a version or two behind the official Instagram app. It requires some effort to update it to the most latest edition. The program is completely safe and secure, and it contains no viruses. However, you must ensure that you obtain it from the official website.

Download Instander APK Latest Version for Android 2023

The most recent version of the Instander APK includes all enabled features, as well as bug fixes and updates to the previous version. Because the software is limited, don’t expect to see it on the Play Store as an Instamod. You can, however, use the provided link to download the most latest release of the Instander APK today and receive the finest social online presence.

Download APK

How to Install Instander APK?

The official current version of Instagram may be downloaded from the Google Play store, but you can also download it through our site to download the instander apk.

  1.  First and first, you must obtain an instander apk from any source, however, you must uninstall the official Instagram before installing this mod. 
  2. After downloading the apk file from here. Navigate to our download page and click the green download button. Please wait a few moments for it to be downloaded. 
  3. Open the file in the file manager. Find and tap on the instander apk file that you found.
  4. You should enable unknown sources in your security settings. Return to the apk location. 
  5. Tap Install to begin the installation procedure. After the installation is complete, you will be able to use the application’s capabilities.


What is the use of Instander?

Instander is a free Android version of the Instagram app. It contains numerous enhancements over the original program. Instander features multiple enhancements that give the user an advantage over other Instagram users.

Should I use Instander?

I’d recommend Instander. It contains features like photo downloads, reels, high-quality photo viewing, ghost mode, and regular OTA updates. Instander is also faster for me than ordinary Instagram. The app is also ad-free and includes the option to disable analytics.

How do I open a .apk file?

As a result, you can access an APK file on a Windows machine by using WinRAR, WinZip, or any file archiving application (or by renaming the APK file in question to have the . zip extension instead of the . apk extension and then unzipping it using a file archiving program).


As entertaining and engaging as an app can be, it has restricted functionality that prevents users from getting the most out of their online experience, and modifications like the Instander APK can turn your IG experience into a one-of-a-kind lifestyle. Download the app immediately and start sharing beautiful material with some of the most sought-after social media functionalities accessible online.